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Black Tea Vanilla Tea Bags

9.95 includes Delivery

1 Box (40 bags)9.95/box9.95 includes Delivery
2 Boxes (80 bags)7.48/box14.95 includes Delivery
3 Boxes (120 bags)6.65/box19.95 includes Delivery
4 Boxes (160 bags)6.24/box24.95 includes Delivery
5 Boxes (200 bags)5.99/box29.95 includes Delivery
6 Boxes (240 bags)5.83/box34.95 includes Delivery
7 Boxes (280 bags)5.56/box38.95 includes Delivery
8 Boxes (320 bags)5.49/box43.95 includes Delivery
9 Boxes (360 bags)5.44/box48.95 includes Delivery
10 Boxes (400 bags)5.30/box52.95 includes Delivery


Warm yourself up from the inside with a soothing mug of traditional black tea flavoured with vanilla pods, charged with a vibrant integrity.

Indulge yourself with a cup of comfort, cuddle up to a brand new experience, black tea vanilla – pudding without the calories.

This blend of premium black tea and freshly cut vanilla pods is the Emir a of our range – the Princess Royal. An exquisite chai blend, full of taste and aromatic sensation. Our bold black tea is perfectly complemented by sweet vanilla for a fragrantly intoxicating cup of tea.

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Black Tea, Cut Vanilla Pods


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